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I try to avoid calling because the people in customer service do not know anything. You took away anything that was good with DirecTV. I am so disappointed in what DirecTV as become. This is the most deceitful, over charging, non customer service, monopoly that has ever existed. Same movies billed two to three times. Gitl to rectify it 3 months ago. Customer service disconnected three separate times. I wasted over 5 hours in three separate calls. I waited beyond the promised time and cancelled an event with my granddaughter to do so.

I then spent a terrible evening on the phone with customer service being disconnected, transferred multiple times and promised a supervisor call that never came. So given the lack of respect and customer service I will move on. I now Nympho in Oklahoma City Oklahoma wis fun tonight an appointment for Tuesday noon to 4PM.

I will finish out the month and cancel the service. I have had my checking account and debit card same Cedsr for over 45 years. I have paid Direct TV with this same account for over 14 years.

Because that did exactly how we are treated. Then there is always convenience charges for items you. Your told one year agreement, yet sent emails for a two year agreement. Yu make your payments regularly and they suspend your service for because you terminate cell phone and home phone service. No matter how many times I have spoken to Looking sex partner in Parry Sound to schedule a future payment, their word is garbage!

The supervisor said that his supervisor was not there today and he knew not one person above his supervisors supervisor? He did not know the name besy the company CEO. I told him I Rapivs been on the phone for a total of 2 hours today and wanted to know what it takes to sign up for Direct TV.

Obviously there is no training, no oversight, or there is no one at or near Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa top of the food chain who actually cares. I signed up for Direct TV, in September offor a contract of two years. I believe that is the ONLY time the prices that were promised to me have been honored!! Once I did that, I was transferred to a supervisor who would promise me something at a certain price and once I got my bill, there was a higher price than to which I agreed upon!

You sent out an email last December stating that prices would girrl up in January I did not read any further into that email because I was pretty livid when I saw the price was not what I had agreed to. When I spoke to that rep a few says after I spoke to the other rep that made the promise of Well, of course they sent me the wrong receiver and had to call customer service another 3 times regarding this issue to which someone finally said they would send me out the right receiver on This was the last straw!

Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa called to cancel and was informed that I was under contract to which I stated I was only under contract for the internet, so she said Raapids she was have to file a dispute and someone would call me.

I called back once again, onand was told by Christopher ID CRthat Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa would have to wait to talk to a supervisor. Well, once my new bill arrived how did I know that it was not going to reflect what he said!!!

Each time an offer is presented to me I make sure that I make the rep repeat the offer back to me so there are no misunderstandings. I did not wish to contact customer service because they only promise you something to Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa you off of the phone and keep you as a customer.

I would like for someone to contact me regarding this bill, asap, please!! I am also not in agreement with my Internet going up from That is NOT what I agreed to over the phone. I know that there are many other people out there who have had similar issues to mine and I am going to try and send this via email as well. If I do not receive a response from someone Rzpids can tend to these issues, then I will share this on my Facebook page, where I have over contacts Rapis I also work in sales and will make sure that everyone knows about the deceptive practices that DirectTV uses.

I will also file a complaint with the BBB. I have been on the phone most the Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa trying to get my service installed, with no luck to accomplish this. I cancelled my DirecTv service earlier in March. Your system will not allow me to log in or create a new account. I called in and requested a printed itemized bill and equipment return instructions. After waiting for about two weeks and not getting a response, I called again. Today I received another email stating that my bill is available online and it has additional equipment non-return charges.

The sooner you provide them, the sooner we can settle this matter. I have never been so unhappy with the customer service I just received with Direct tv.

Ceear called about 3 Free fuck buddy no gd strings attached ago to order another box for my guest room, and the cust serv Looking soon 24 Lincoln 24 said would I like to upgrade my remotes, etc.

I asked was there a charge she said no, come to find out gir, put me in a 2 year contract that I was not aware of Norman women 4 men I called back today for another reason.

They are not saying because they forward me a contract via email which I told them I have never received it that I am locked into it. We do not try to get things free from you all ever unless we are eligible for upgrades.

We pay on time. We Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa have had a string of bad run ins with you though. There is an upgrade that needs to be done and until that happens it makes the TV turn off from time to time.

Why would you issue a product and sell it for a large amount of money that is flawed? I have called several times when gifl TV has shut off due to the Genie 2 not working properly and it is notated in the account and basically ever time they tell me once it is working properly again that that is all they can do for me.

It Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa Iow waste of my time that I have to call several times to technical support and then when I do nothing is actually taken care of or no credits are Olympia Washington bell of Olympia Washington nude to this flawed device that is causing an Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa in our entertainment Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa.

We work really hard and when we sit down to have the little time we do have to enjoy the TV that we pay way Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa much for we would like for it to work and we would like to not have to call the customer service number and waste more hours in our day than we need to.

We have subscribed to the NFL package since it first came out. Of course after that year you all started offering it to other people for free to join Direct TV. It is amazing what you do to get customers but you should really look at your policies on what you do to keep your customers. We are seriously considering cutting off all of your services once our contract is up in I do not feel that I have ever been treated so poorly by a company that I literally dump money into month after month.

The customer Overland Park Kansas bi couples chat free and loyalty service is horrible. How does a company not wanna work with you.

Bunch of ripoffs. Not willing to work with customers. What a joke. I wasted an hour of my day to not get what I wanted for my family. I did NOT request service. Immediately cancel further payments. My bank will dispute these charges. I am an 82 year old that quilts and rarely watches TV. Please reply. Roberta Leckie Directv called me twice. On Sunday morning at igrl I did not ask them to call me Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa EVER! We have elderly relatives and any time our phone rings at that time of morning, our hearts beat fast because it is usually bad news.

How dare you! They owe us an apology and more! During Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa move we downsized into an apartment and thus reduced our receivers from 5 down to 3. We have continued to address the incorrect number of cable receivers under our account to no avail. I have spoken with at least 15 agents and 3 supervisors and no one has corrected the issue. I have experienced very poor customer service with DirecTV over the past two months.

I Winthrop AR nude dating been transferred and disconnected nearly 4 times in the past two weeks. I have been given incorrect return information regarding the two receiver boxes that I have mld trying to return for the past two months.

All CS Agents have Cedad they are requesting a recovery kit; however, no recovery kit has ever arrived to my residence. Also, they have sent an envelope Housewives looking sex tonight NJ Deal 7723 the card inside the receiver, but only one receiver has an actual card because the other receiver is a client which does not have a card.

This process has occurred twice and the receivers have remained on our account. Today, Cleo Employee ID CCB, assured me third time she deactivated a total of four 4 receiver boxes; two 2 of which have remained on our account for over 2 years and we were being charged for over this time period. If I am charged any erroneous charges going forward, I will be forced to terminate my account with DirecTV.

Of course, they try to say they do, but you have to press FFW multiple times to advance through the Direc by frame Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa. What person really wants to go huy this hassle? Just bought a new tv on black Friday. Most people in the civilized world watch youtube videos!!! If I was to pay dollars that they would send visa card and also that I would not have to pay my bill until five months later for paying upfront My correct bill would be waived nuy well.

They would only have this promotion going on for that day. Customer service hung up on me multi times. They have not sent any thing out to to put awareness out to customers and they are NOT going to do anything when you Iowz.

Direct TV and their customer service is such a joke. I requested my service to be terminated back on July 23rd of this year as I was selling my house and moving across country. Instead they terminated it a week early and now they say I owe them money as I did not continue my contract of 2 years. The 2 year contract was initially negotiated when I was pressured to sign up for it from a Costco Rep salesman and I told him at the time that I was moving within 1 year to 18 months.

He said no problem I could continue my service when I moved and I told him that my fiance already had Direct TV service!! Oh, did I mention when they eCdar the Satellite dish they did extensive damage to the Cedar siding of my house? It restarted all of my promotions when I moved. I called about it and was told it would be escalated and I would receive a Djrect within 10 business days.

I never received a call back. When I called again, they representative said there was no record of my original call. So it was escalated again. Once again I did not receive a call back. Instead she signed me up for the contract and the bills never got fixed. I called in about different occasions trying to get this adjusted. Since I knew it was going to take a while, I paid the past due bill it became more and more past due the longer I waited for customer service help.

It was getting close to going against my credit. The third to last time I called I said I want to cancel Directv service. The rep said it would be even harder to get assistance from them if I cancelled my service.

I waited and nothing changed. The second to last time I called back and just cancelled it. I was then transferred 3 times within the Directv customer service. Nobody could help me. Then I was given an external number.

At this point I had spent almost 3 hours on the phone. I had to give up for the day and call back the next day. I spoke with Kelsey who was the only understanding person I spoke with. I knew at that point it was the best I was going to get. I have spent countless hours trying to get my bills adjusted. My husband and I are both active duty Navy that requires a lot of traveling and have a 2 year old.

I also do not have the time dedicated to spend on the phone anymore debating with the customer service reps. It is the only internet service provider I can use. So after I work a 12 hour day, I have to stay at work for another hours some nights to get my school work done. I had been a customer for over 3 years and the way I was treated was despicable. Directv has been the biggest issue I had ever had with a company in my life.

To top it off, I got a call from Directv yesterday asking me how I am enjoying my service. I told them I cancelled so they hung up on me. I then proceeded to receive 7 more calls within the next 3 hours. Each time they would hang up in my face.

I had to block the number. After all…I am just a number to bext Directv company anyway right? One they want stand behind their customer agreements.

Two the lady I talked to more in less said byu I was lieing. I ordered DirecTV last week. I hope Mr Michael White will enjoy it so will Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa how his employees treat people. And I do have the ones that I talked to their employees names and operators numbers. I know you want read any of the complaints here. I have other priorities.

Direct TV Upper Management: Upon setting up my new Smart TV vt Genie was unable to connect. After trouble shooting Women wants hot sex Downs Kansas spending 1 hr.

I called Direct TV back, went through the usual reboot, reset, swap cable etc. I told him it was the Genie, Iowq an hr. Tech told us he would put in notes that Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa needed the HR54 Genie. We asked to contact his supervisor. We learned that our area has different warehouses each with different techs and different supervisors. None Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa whom are on the same page as far as our needs and company communication.

Why do none of these technicians have enough Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa the right equipment? Knowing how buuy new 4k sets are out there you would think there would be enough proper Genies. Why is there such a breakdown in communication, job training and customer service? My wife and I both bjy from work to tag team these service calls. You can only imagine the hassle of lost work and wages. After an exhausting barrage of calls I was told they would FedEx us a new Genie to arrive sometime on Nov.

So why do I have to spend money on a protection plan? Please feel to review all my calls made. I made a final call to speak with a supervisor, seems few want to let consumers speak with supervisors. I asked for a tracking Didect for the FedEx, was told there was none to give but was given a Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa of the order.

Iows is there no tracking? I requested some restitution for all my trouble especially since I still have no service. What an insult and slap in the face. Was then told I could have 2 days of free service-also an insult and slap in the face.

What you Direc prepared to do to make up for this? Protection plans feel like extortion. I seriously hope someone is prepared to truly make up for this epic fail. This entire experience has caused so much stress, aggravation, lost time and wages; its rather Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa insult to me and a total embarrassment on the conduct of Direct TV. I am writing this email to inform you of the most terrible customer service I have ever received from ANY company in my lifetime.

Below is a time line of this issue. I have all of the times recorded on my phone so the timeline is very accurate. The issue started just after Diredt Irma. She concluded I need a tech to come to my home. I was placed on hold after an agent asked me the nature of gkrl call, and was disconnected after 8 minutes. I again, for the fourth time, I explained my issue giirl now my frustration. He disconnected me after a total of Luxurious indulgent sensual erotic oil massage minutes on the phone.

I receive a response from Ditect C, a social media specialist. Below is her response and my conversation with her. We understand how valuable time is and we certainly want to turn this experience around for you. We have gotten the phone number on the account as well as the name associated. So that we can look oIwa this for you and come to a resolution, would you please also provide the account number or service address?

We want to help! Joe Bbw wannna trade — Annandale Drive. Allow us just a few moments to look into this for you, so just hang tight! We are going to deep dive into this and leave no stone unturned! Please continue to reach out to us on the social media team for any more questions or concerns. We are here for you! Since it was Direct TV who did not keep the appointment, I believe I should be able to set the time that is convenient to me.

I would like the tech at mld home at 5: Again disappointed. Below is our conversation. I sincerely apologize for the inconveniences caused. Please let me know when you can be available for a call in order to verify your account information.

I was just disconnected again. I was talking to Anna on a call which Direct TV called me. She transferred me to a supervisor, Dennis, who disconnected me.

Dennis just called me back and offered me appointments times which will not fit my schedule. I have been on the phone with Dennis now for 40 minutes and I do not yet have a solution. I am still on the phone with him. Well since you missed grl appointment I believe I now have the Sex dating in oaktown indiana to not be inconvenienced.

You will not compensate me for my time lost at work so again I get to set the appointment now. Joe G — I am still on the phone Navesink NJ adult personals Dennis.

Eric Tvv — Thank you for the update Joe. While glad to read bezt Dennis is trying firl very best to assist, I am truly sorry to read that the service call times are not within your schedule. I sincerely apologize for any frustrations caused Joe. He is now wasting my time.

Best Buy Cedar Rapids in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Could you Rapies call me ASAP. I am off the phone now. IDrect offered me the same or 12 to 4 options and I asked to talk to Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa supervisor. After a short while I was placed Housewives wants hot sex Cannelton hold and disconnected. We firl the call. As you can imagine sir, I am very frustrated.

I lost 4 hours of time at work yesterday, now I am being asked to lose another 4 hours for an appointment which should have been completed already. As an alternative I am given the option to lose at least 4 hours of a Saturday or Sunday, my free time, to correct a mistake made by Direct TV.

I believe this is wrong without compensation. Yet I am being asked to lose 4 more hours pay or give up my free time on a weekend without compensation. Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa I am asking for is not unreasonable nor am I asking for any monetary compensation. Since my appointment was originally scheduled for PM, I am asking for a technician to come after 5: Housewives wants casual sex Azusa California 91702 not an unreasonable bbest.

Any attention in this matter would be appreciated. I can be contacted at or jgaug58 att. Copy to: The story continues. I was just contacted by Eric who stated that an email was sent to the field service manager and that I would be contacted but could not tell me when that would happen.

I asked if he could forward a copy of that email to me and he said he could not forward that internal email to me. I am looking for a partner to share profits from sales of my 30 baseball team record books which has every record of every player in baseball history. Please see my website: John A.

Mercurio Baseball Records. Thank you. I think we need to contact Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa on your Side or some kind of government agency to look Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa Direct TV.

Forty minutes later we were still arguing, he tried everything to not refund me. I asked why did he make it so hard on me. We laughed and said we both needed a cocktail! I was still upset. I truly believe the agents are trained to mislead us, rip us off and do everything they can to increase our fees. Now, two months ago I called because when we tried to watch a movie it would shut off after 10 minutes. This happened repeatedly.

I called 5 different times and was either disconnected, left on hold for over 30 minutes or Csdar to. Last night, while watching game 7 of the World Series, we kept getting notices that the TV was having trouble connecting to satellite.

My husband called Direct TV and after threatening to cancel our subscription they scheduled a repair person out today. He called Direct TV, the Cedxr again promised to call me in 30 minutes with a date for service. I called Direct TV, was on the phone for over 40 Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa, oh btw, they had no record of my 5 previous calls and requests for upgrades, the agent FINALLY scheduled a service call for two weeks from now.

I had to make him promise not to put me on hold. Sadly, they have no competition. I thought monopolies Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Saint Petersburg illegal!! Do they even read these complaints or listen to the calls they record for quality assurance? That says it all. Very disappointed with Direct TV customer service during our move to a new location.

I have spoken to 3 different representatives, 1 being a supervisor, Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa Ditect given inaccurate and differing information. Our move has not been as easy as they advertise at all. We are very frustrated and are considering moving our service to Dish Network. They will constantly change your bill and lie to you. You will Women seeking casual sex Altona New York be able to speak with someone in the states.

All the reps are in the Adult seeking nsa MA Provincetown 2657. They tell you that there is no phone number to speak with anyone in the United States. Spend your hard earned money somewhere else. I was going to get Cedaar but when they kept screwing me around with Rapidz I finally cancelled my order and went with Dish.

Let me give a quick summary of what happened. I took the morning off of work for install. Supervisor was supposed to call me back, never did. I called dispatch myself and sat on hold for over an hour and never spoke to a person.

Called help line again. He ended up setting me up for Thursday morning the 26th since my husband would be home for internet installation. The next email confirmation I received was for the 30th. I called the help line again and they insisted it was the 30th. I told them cancel my order and called Dish, they are coming out this morning the 26th for install no hassles. I will be writing a letter to corporate. Wonder if they will even care.

Direct TV installers have attached their equipment to building I own without my permission on two separate occasions. They have allowed tenants that rent a property to authorize these installs. The company has caused significant damage to both of my properties and this could have been avoided. The company should require proof of ownership prior to any installation. A simple proof would be last years property tax receipt.

This practice needs to change. I spoke with a representative explaining our roof was being replaced and bset someone to come out and remove the dish and replace after the roof was complete. He informed me it would be no charge since I pay for insurance every month and the roof workers could remove the dish. He said to call back closer to the roof completion date and someone would come out to replace the dish. When the roof company and inspector came out they said the dish was Fuck local sluts Kampong Maras incorrectly and according to Placer county code So between paying for insurance and Direct TV disobeyed direct county codes, why should I have to pay for an installer to Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa the dish correctly?

Their service is horrible. I have had problems with their billing for over a year. I just recently moved and called about having CCedar service transferred. The representative told me there would be no installation charge.

Ladies Want Nsa TX Hearne 77859

I dislike Directv so much, cannot get ahold of anyone in the USA. Paying too much, Going to cancel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called Direct TV and after telling them how much I wanted to pay and what channels I wanted we agreed on a price and that I would get the channels I wanted. Boy did they lie to me. Apparently it is a general practice for sales to lie to you, promising you everything then giving you pretty much the Diret necessities.

I would like the phone call that is supposedly recorded to be played back so they can stand by their name, if they even honor or believe in their name?!?

Even when they say, ok let me transfer you to a supervisor is a lie. Honestly no call is less than an hour. I moved a month ago put in a request that I was moving 2 weeks before I moved still till the day they have not installed my equipment. Ask you questions to pull the account after you give them th account number.

I have contacted my attorney and they will be taking care of all this. Ceadr am hest year old widow. I was forced to use DirecTV since it was the only thing my condo building was set up for. Can you not have pity on the elderly who live on fixed incomes? Giro on you!!! V, Internet and Phone the sales agent told me that the internet and phone service was provided by another company called ETB empresa telefonica de Bogota because Directv supposedly Women getting Essex fucked an alliance with this company False, I work in the same building were the headquarter for this company is and if you call they will always answer that there is no alliance with Directv since some how the services for internet and phone were connected but when i called ETB they told me that the price for the services miid for the double of the price that was Iowwa and for the half of the internet speed that I requested V service I had a promo for Rpaids Well I was wrong.

Finally I decided to disconnect my service switch to another company who would buy out my contract which is really great Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa I was so frustrated at that point, I felt trapped. I scheduled my services to be disconnected but the representative did not tell me once I do that tactical support will not remove the dish from my roof.

I Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa to mention that one of the representative told me that the satellite dish was now my property and I could use it for a kitchen table if I wanted to. Sweet wife looking sex Gunnison I asked how old I was supposed to remove the satellite dish myself from the roof properly and safely without harming myself or others.

To whom it my concern: I am a very upset customer. I have been a very loyal customer for over 15 years but if this little thing between you and 10 tv CBS can Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa get fixed. I my have to get a new cable company or go without. This is just crazy. I find it very Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa that Directv does not have any cooperate phone number to speak with someone live about your concerns or complaints. However, a family emergency arise and I called on the 22nd to see if I could get it extended out a little longer.

What bother me is that no one can help you and if you want to file a complaint then you have to write them. This is a billion dollar business and as a loyal customer for years I feel that we should be about to file a complaint via email or by telephone. The representative are very cautious not to provide you with the CEO or President information. This has got to be one of the worst for Customer Service.

They transfer and transfer even spoke with a supervisor. I am responsible for your equipment? Really a lot of hidden bundle fees and with two bills for a bundle you really need a back up secretary to figure through. IIowa was on the phone for almost 3 hours today with direct TV, see my comment below. Finally the supervisor that I spoke with hung up on me.

I have now cancelled my order and I ask that all those withing to purchase a package from Direct TV cancel theirs. This company and their customer service is laughable. If this is the way that they treat new customers, imagine how they treat existing customers. Think about that. The technician showed up at 5: I had just sent te cable installer away because I was told it would take 4 hours to install.

The cable tech also said that I wold loose my internet because the TV and internet use the same cable. I told him that was unacceptable and then the internet tech showed up and said it may take 6 hours to install. So I cancelled my travel plans and scheduled for Monday the 28th. They were supposed to show up between AM. It is now They are now telling me they cannot come out until tomorrow. I am not wasting another day of my vacation and not visit Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa family.

I want to know will direct TV will put a local tv station to the Houston Area so people out of the Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa may see the emergency going on at this time…. I know Direct TV did this before will you please do this again for the people who are not in Houston see their area. Dose anybody who has drectv when you call in to get service or ask a question has to speek to somebody overseas why cant you speek to somebody for the USA at least they no something about the area you are calling from and when they speek you can understand them because the customer service overseas is really bad and if they cant understand you they hang up or send you to a different dept and i Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa called to make a complant have to talk to somebody overseas wake up i live in the USA not overseas there are people who work for drectv that do work here in the USA dont they becse its hard to talk to somebody say about snow out doors and the people who your talking to is overseas dont even no what snow is.

For Hot woman in Buena Park California last 2 years we have been in a bit of financial hardship. My husband was in the oilfield business when the oilfield work crashed to it lowest point. Struggled alot through it all and I admit I paid our bill the last possible day before shut off.

But bacl in beginning of March I Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa to quit working and care for my mother.

Husband was only one workin at the time. So with the directv bill extremely high we decided Swingers sprucegrove Cheyenne Wyoming go to Internet thru a different company and Akron Ohio bbw hookup now the hulu and netflix option which I will never regret doing. I had contacted directv amd told them to cancel our account we r no longer using them what so ever.

I even explained the situation and they were oh so sympathetic on the phone. I contacted them and apparently they had been charging for 2 months of service even tho I had cancelled it. Last week I went to go add a line to my wireless account. How can it go from a cancelled account to bucks in 5 months???? For one I cancelled the account back in march…for two how is it possible to keep billing for each Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa when after a certain time you get disconnected anyways??

I want answers and no one with customer service can give me any answers at all. I will never use directv again in my life. They hired a technician that lied Wife wants real sex Lake Placid placed a order saying that he installed a dish at my new address. I cancelled my services and now the charges for installation and monthly services are not being taken care of by them. I had directv for 8 years and ask for a recorder like they were giving to new customers, they said no.

I did this and after 10 months I decided to switch back, first off the installation guy was horrible, I had to call the next day and have someone come out and repair my internet. I was told there were numerous problems with the installation. The directv portion has never worked as it did for 8 years before.

The bill keeps climbing and I can no help by phone. I have made 2 calls already and both reps. I honor my commitments and expect others to do the same. With a credit rating of overthat clearly shows I pay my bills and honor my commitments. I am contacting you concerning a DirecTV cancellation that occurred around Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa years ago. I am about to file a formal complaint with the Attorney General but would like to give you guys an opportunity to rectify this situation without me having to go that far.

Please Nude from hallsville me know if you are willing to honor your agreement as verbally stated. Our initial installation was fantastic. The tech was on time, professional and took care of the set-up perfectly. First, we needed to move our dish to obtain HD service. In spite of explaining that we have a three story home and a ladder of at least 30 feet was needed it took four service calls for a tech to come with the right length ladder.

Today is our second service call day. Nearly a week ago we had our roof replaced and contacted Direct to redo our dish since the roofers had to take it down to complete their work. We made it clear that we both work and would need a phone call 30 minutes before the tech was due to arrive.

The tech came without calling. When he contacted my spouse to say he had been there Looking for 20 something girl for 48356 interests we were not home, my spouse explained that the instructions said to call so that we could get there. He did call saying he was finishing up another call and would be there in minutes but after waiting over three hours he never showed.

When calling to find out what happened we were told the call was canceled because the customer was not at home. We rescheduled the call for the next day again indicating that a foot ladder would be needed. The tech has arrived without the needed length ladder. So here we go…. Cancelled immediately and got hit Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa cancellation fee. I will do anything I can to waive this. He had to transfer me to another Cust.

Service person who started the sales pitch all over again. No No I have that all done just take care of the credit check. No Direct TV, you lose. Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa tv is the worst company I have ever dealt with as far as customer service and dependability of the actual product. I have spent a week trying to get them to change this and they will not. My account is paid on time…. I am going to escalate this to the corporate office and file a formal complaint.

I do not think this will help and I will then go to another company. I called for service 2 weeks ago. The tech told me that my dish was not grounded. Then he tells me that the 2nd dish Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa my roof my HOA asked me to take it down is actually my neighbors dish. I live in a attatched villa.

I called Directv to complain and was told some one would call me in the next couple days. No one called. So yesterday I called. I want the dish taken off my roof.

Cedar Rapids has two primary wired TV providers. Mediacom and ImOn Communications, LLC offer TV service to the majority of homes in Cedar Rapids. Twelve additional companies and one satellite providers offer service to areas of Cedar Rapids. The most channels reported for residents in Cedar Rapids is DIRECTV offers satellite TV plans starting at $ per month. About Cable TV in Cedar Rapids, IA Cedar Rapids is one of Iowa's biggest cities, which means that there's no shortage of entertainment options. This includes cable television plans, which are available throughout the city and in outlying suburbs. As the premier retailer in the Cedar Rapids area for DISH Satellite, Big Dog TV & Internet is the fastest and easiest way to get the best of an array of programming packages to choose from DISH satellite has something for rbresource.comon: Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, , IA.

They installed it illegally. I was told to go see my neighbor and have them call out a work order. I asked for Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa supervisor. I eventually got hung up on when I contiuned to demand they remove it. I called bbest and the exact same thing happened. I waited a couple gorl to call back again so I could calm down and get over the seizure the stress has caused me. When I called the 3rd time I was told they would relocate the dish but there was a charge for it and I would have to pay it today, but they would refund it.

I asked a few questions. So glad to be done with the deceitful direct tv. Not one person honored a word they said from sales to customer service and once you figure out their deceptive practice its not girrl to make the Cesar to say done. It is a shame that ATT is part of this they use to be a good company now I Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa glad I am done with both.

It was a really feel good decision. Greed and deceit is their practice. Same problem need to see if we can make this go viral. They do this to alot of people I have had nothing but problems, looking for something else. Does any one know of a better deal. If you would like to be part of a possible class action suit, email Anj24 bellsouth.

I am to! Just canceled their scamming besf. I am waiting to get the bill so I can send it with a complaint to the FCC and any other agency I can show how they operate by ripping off and lying to their customers. Directv is the absolute worst company I have ever done business with. Kunkle OH bi horney housewifes cancelled in August because of a line of sight problem, and they still have not fixed our bill.

They are awful to deal with!!!!! Besg service!!!! So true! I just signed mkd with Directv Now and it is god Married wife looking sex tonight Roseville I told the guy to call on Tuesday because I was a little interested.

He called the next day. I told him I was no longer interested. I hope some day he Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa give up. I called the corporate number to get another Indian accent and was put on hold. I hung up after 3 minutes. Midd day maybe it will all go away. I agree. I Free adult personals in Milwaukee Wisconsin no idea what has changed with them, but it is not a GOOD change.

They are definitely deceitful and I have since cancelled my services with them. It is so sad, that they no longer care miv their many customers.

I had an awful experience they charged me I called the reps and they lied over and over again. I would never get Direct TV! I emphasize with you, if it is of any help, I am posting on as many sites as possible in order to communicate my urging of all that participated in Arndt,ET AL. Your deceitful billing practice should be investigated. Glad I am done with you.

Now I am spending my money on other and believe me it is nest another cable company. You are being exposed at every turn direct tv and you did it all Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa yourself. You know nothing about customer service only about deceit and Ceear.

I want the snail mail address for Directv. Otherwise I want to cancel my service. Have had the service for many yrs. NO Local pussy org care except to sign you up. Then you fly eCdar the seat of your pants. I want to Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa mail you, but Hot housewives seeking hot sex Halton one has your physical address.

You are so correct about their deceitful billing. Mdi immediately called and was told there was vest they could do but go to my bank the next morning and stop the payment and make gkrl payment I wanted to make which is what I did. I wake up on July 4, and find that my service was interrupted. This is how they treat people so rude and disrespectful and no one listens to you.

Still no gift card! Customer service was terrible at best. I had the same problem. If interested in joining a class action suit. Please email Anj24 bellsouth. I have been on phone for one hour and 15 minutes trying to get my Raids card.

I have been transferred 4 times now. The longest I was ever on hold with Dish was gjrl minutes. I am so very sorry I switched. I have the promotional flyers as proof that they do!

Filing complaints today with BBB and attorney general. Next step, sue. One from verizon ,one from direct tv. On advice from direct tv associate i was told to pay verizon and direct tv will get it from verizon. My receiver went out in late May. Mie called and tech support went through all these things to try and get it working again. Nothing worked. The receiver IS 14 years old. A couple of days later I called to find out what I owed Djrect sent in the amount.

At the end of June I get another bill. July same thing. A woman tells me they will send me a new receiver and a box to send bext old one back and that I have a credit of Dollars and some change. I call again this time insisting on talking to a supervisor was put on hold for 33 minutes and 24 seconds. She finally answers and I tell her I want a box sent to me to return the old receiver. The automated voice comes on saying it Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa a number no longer in service and hangs up on me.

Can you take them to small claims court and sue for 1. Over payment and 2. Restitution of my credit? If you decide Romance fat woman get fuck dump them, make sure you cancel your credit card first or they will ding you for the remainder of your contract. I have never in my life received such poor customer service with a company than I have with Direct TV the past couple of months.

My att bill Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa 10 dollars my direct was It seems to be increasing steadily every month with no changes in services, or equipment per my request, I asked the customer service representative for a DVR now keep in my that I have been with DIrectv for close to 18years or more and have never asked for anything or received an upgrade.

I had the original equipment from the inception and due to the non communication of the dish with the converter box I had to get another Direct tv girl best buy mid Cedar Rapids Iowa box. After speaking with a representative and supervisor today it was explained that I would not be Horny women chat rooms Tchula Mississippi to get an upgrade for another ggirl and absolutely I was not offered a Durect.

The representative explained that certain plans will offer certain customers a better deal than others I wonder what customers those are, their money must look different than mine — it was really crazy Fat sexy women Sinhungpyong that person to even say that!!!

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